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The Little Beaver Conservation is a board of seven locally elected officials that deal with the natural resource concerns of Fallon County Montana.

Board of Supervisors

Kodie Olsen- Chairman/Urban

Quentin Burdick –Vice Chairman

Dirk O’Connor- Treasurer

Keith Rustad

Roddy Rost

Fred Houzvicka

Melissa Foster – Urban

Wayne Mangold- Associate Supervisor     Shelly McKay-Dean- Associate Supervisor



The District was first organized on October 17, 1942 as a result of  petitions of the State Soil Conservation committee and a hearing and referendum held. The District included 425,517 acres which encompassed all of the Little Beaver Creek drainage in Fallon and Carter Counties and that portion of Fallon County lying southeast of Little Beaver Creek. The boundaries were later changed to exclude those lands in Carter County and include all land in Fallon County. The towns of Baker and Plevna petitioned and entered the District in 1968. The present land area of the Little Beaver District is 1,045,120 acres.

The District name was “Little Beaver Soil Conservation District” until 1961 when it was changed to “Little Beaver Soil and Water Conservation District”, and in 1971 the name was changed once again to our now present name, “Little Beaver Conservation District”. These changes represent the broader areas of resource conservation and development related to the district by greater assumed responsibilities and changes in the law to reflect the same.

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